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While I would rather leave all things beauty to the experts, I have to comment on my life long commitment to cocoa butter and my new found love of shea butter. I'm positive that I came out of the womb and the first thing my mother must have done was slap some cocoa butter on my skin. I honestly can't remember a single day of my life without a jar of cocoa butter by my side. Whenever my mother sees me or my sister, she always has at least two jars to hand out and when I received my only package from the states a few years ago when I was living in Sudan, it of course contained a few jars of the good stuff.
Now while I'll never turn my back on cocoa butter, I am making room on my skin for shea butter in the form of Lulu Life. Yes people, hard to believe but South Sudan is actually exporting a beauty product! A cooperative of women are making soaps and moisturizers from shea butter. The shea nut tree is known in Arabic as Lulu...hence the name of the brand. Someone I know (sorry I can't remember who to give you credit) told me about the brand and handed me a bar of their soap that I still haven't used but when I was in Nairobi (health store in the Junction right before you go into the Nakumatt) I got a little jar of their moisturizer and I have to say that it is bringing serious competition to my trusted cocoa butter. A little spread of this stuff and my skin glows for the WHOLE DAY! Unlike all the other stuff out there....I can pretty much assure you that with Lulu Life (and of course cocoa butter) your skin won't look dry at any point in the day! Plus if you get the stuff you get the little side benefit of knowing that you are helping women in Southern Sudan gain an income! For those living in the States, hopefully it will one day find it's way to a Sephora near you!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! The cream is fantastic. A friend gave me her travel size jar and I am searching desperately for more. So good to get a great product AND help the women of Sudan.

Kerry said...

You can finally buy it online direct from the producers! see www.lululife-sheabutter.com

Kerren said...

You can finally buy Lulu online direct from the producers! Visit us at www.lululife-sheabutter.com