Meme, Interrupted - What I was doing?

One of the benefits of blogging is that you get to 'meet' really interesting people through their blogs. One of the blogs that I have been reading is Austin to Africa, Brasil to the Bay by Ali la Loca who lives in Mozambique and writes about her experience living there. It all started with my obsession about going back to Moz after my Christmas holiday there and I emailed her with all kinds of random questions and now just keep in touch with each other through our blogs. The next time I'm in Mozambique, she is definitely on the top of my list of people to meet.

Anyway, she does this post called Meme, Interrupted and actually tagged me in her last one so here goes:

10 years ago:
I had just finished my second year at Boston College. Around this time I was probably already living with my sister in New York. I had gotten into a summer fellowship program that had me doing research at a clinic in Harlem looking at prevalence of various forms of neglect in cases of physical and/or sexual abuse. It was a great summer and my first experience with the joys and financial pains of living in New York.

5 years ago:
I had just flown to Guanajuato, Mexico to do an evaluation of a program for my master's thesis. I had rented a house on a hill in the center of town that I'm convinced had a least one ghost and everything creaked, but the balcony views were hard to beat. It also had a great little cafe at the bottom of the hill and great little restaurants. The first stretch was a little tough because I basically new NO BODY and got exhausted with my own company, but then another researcher came into town, actually moved into the extra bedroom and made my time in Mexico extremely memorable just by her company.

1 year ago:
I had just gotten back from visiting a friend in Michigan; enjoying spring in New York with my friends, and waiting for final word about moving back to Sudan.

Suffering through planning 4th of July weekend for my sister and I. It isn't even June and places are already full! I found myself getting completely stressed out and had to step away from the computer.

5 snacks I enjoy:
- random cookies they sell at a stall nearby with vanilla creme filling

Otherwise I can't even remember what I snacked on back in the states.

5 books I like plus a bonus!
- “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver
- “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck
- “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez
- “Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man” by James Weldon Johnson
- “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri

- "Another Country" by James Baldwin

What I’d do with 100 million dollars:
- Invest, Invest, Invest (including in market, poor people, etc)
- Start a small business
- Buy a house on each continent
- Get a personal trainer and chef
- Travel

5 places I’d love to run away to:
- Colombia
- Ecuador
- Newfoundland and Labrador
- Scotland
- Tunisia

5 bad habits and/or pet peeves I have:
- not properly organizing paper so I have piles in my desk and have to go through all to find the ONE that I'm looking for
- not immediately folding my clothes at the end of the day. they pile up on the chair and i eventually have to sort clean from dirty.
- Not saying 'no' soon enough
- having too many window screens open at the same time so it takes forever to finish one task because i'm jumping around different windows (for example, this has been open for several hours while I've been running around and jumping back and forth to other screens)
- People to take forever and a day to get to their point

5 things I like doing:
- writing
- reading
- walking around a cool city and/or hiking
- dancing
- listening to music

5 things I would never wear:
- a real fur coat
- a weave
- acrylic nails
- short-shorts or anything too short
- high-waisted pants

5 tv shows I like:
- Law & Order
- Brothers and Sisters
- Grey's Anatomy (although i don't like Grey)
- Globetrotters
- What Not to Wear

5 famous people I’d like to meet:
- Isabella Fiore - handbag designer
- Jamin Puech - handbag design team
- Chris Rock - He would be hilarious!
- John Steinbeck - just to pick his brain about writing
- Nama Rococo - designer

5 people I’d like to see fill this out:
- Dana over at This Girl's Journey
- Aida

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