Mind Trips!

Over the last 10 days or so, I have experienced a serious mind explosion. For a while, I’ve been stuck on staying here in Africa and basically all things Africa (don’t ask me why, I’ve gone through phases where I was all about Spain or Latin America). When I wasn’t here, it was all about how to get back and while I have been here, it has been all about how many places I could visit on the continent. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with being all coo-koo puffs for Africa (I mean, it really is the bomb), but recently my itch has been leading my mind to other places such as Nepal, Ecuador, Colombia, Jordan, Syria, and more. And of course when my mind begins to wander, it is rarely only for a brief holiday. I think ‘oh maybe I can get a job there and stay for a while, get to know the people, etc.’ I also think that part of me already knows that I want to come back to somewhere Africa and be based here for at least a few months a year (have I mentioned my goal of being bi-continental?) so for now I may as well play the ‘let’s get out there and see more of the world while I have the chance’ card......But really who knows....could even find me right back here in Sudan in July!

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