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Greetings from Wellesley, Massachusetts!!

I was recently browsing the net and just generally thinking about what treats to share with you. A Kenyan design team that I've been dying to share for a while are Carol Wahome and Wambui Njogu who created the label Moo Cow. I saw their designs in a magazine (sorry I can't remember which mag) in January while in Nairobi but couldn't find anything on the internet until today to share with you (maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough?).

While on my search I found out about FAFA (Festival for African Fashion and Arts) 'is a newly created association backed by a multi-disciplined coordination team, for the promotion of peace through art, fashion and music' FAFA's 'objective is to draw attention to the immense creativity and sophistication which exists in Kenya and on the African continent. Funds raised support the Alternatives to Violence Project, building non-violence skills and helping people process recent events in affected communities around Kenya.' In May, they held a fashion gala to showcase some of the best Kenyan and other African designers and Moo Cow was among this selected group!

While this fashion show did not showcase some of my favorite styles by Moo Cow (I prefer their linen stuff), I'm glad to just introduce you to them and show you their work.

Anyway...I'll continue to bring more of their designs as I find it and will also share other great designers from this show later on this week!

* All photos done by Anand Madhvani from the FAFA website

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