Bogolanfini - Mud Cloth

I'm loving this use of Bogolanfini fabric

As you may have noticed, I love textiles, however, Bogolanfini fabric of Mali has always left me a bit stomped as my little imagination just couldn't see how to really use the fabric in a way that really suited my tastes. I'm sure this has something to do with my love of bright color and the mud clothes that I've seen have mostly been in darker colors.

However, there is much to be admired! Since I've been back in the U.S., I've been constantly surprised but how much the 'green' revolution has taken hold in the little time that I was away. In particular (again, particular to me since I constant cruise interior design/textile stuff), I'm amazed at the amount of organic fabrics are out in the market. Similar to the Kalamkari process used in from India, making of a Bogolanfini fabric is a long natural process that uses the best of mother-nature and is infused with the story of the artists making these fabrics.

Anyway, while I was in DC last week, I went into a store in Adams Morgan that has a lot of African and Asian furniture, textiles, masks, etc. I saw a pile of mud cloth fabrics for sale and even saw a mega pillow with a mud cloth covering and it all got me thinking more about how I could really use this fabric to suit my tastes, and the more I see the more inspired I become!

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