I read about accessory designer Chloe Townsend a few months ago but I didn't blog about her and her company Missibaba back then. While cruising the net recently, she popped up on my radar again and there is no denying I love her work. This Cape Town based South African designer studied in London before returning back to South Africa. I can only hope that her products are at a store near you (UK, Germany, or Switzerland and South Africa), and that they come to a store near me (permanent location still undetermined)!


Fly Girl said...

I am in asolute lust! These purses are fabulous! Will they come anywhere near me in Chicago or do I now have a feasible excuse to go back to Switzerland?

LallaLydia said...

These are, to quote flygirl, really fabulous. I LOVE that belt. Major, mega love. What beautiful detailing on the purses too, the braids, the woven fabric. Thanks for sharing!

missibaba said...

missibaba says THANK YOU beautiful ladies. YAY!!! X