President Elect of Kenya??

It has literally been a crazy week with me just being completely beat by the time I've arrived home, BUT my jubilation over the election results will not die (ok, it will die on the blog after this post)! One of the fun things about this election has just been looking at the excitement of citizens from around the world, but without a doubt, Kenya took the prize! During the few times I was in Kenya over the past year, there is no denying that they saw a hero in Obama. I was in Nairobi a few months ago when their presidential elections went down (and needless to say it was not smooth) and I can only hope that while they are celebrating the election of a U.S. president, their political leaders can take a few lessons from this 'son' of theirs on leadership, reaching beyond tribal lines, and putting the good of their entire country at the forefront of their agenda. I hope their people can take inspiration from this election and realize their greatests potentials in uniting and improving their own country.

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