African Prints - Japanese Style

This is love at first sight. Yes, the first time I saw a design by Cameroonian designer Serge Mouangue, I knew I was in love! How amazingly creative to take a traditional Japanese Kimono, keep the integrity of the design but create something completely unique just by using African prints?!?! Trained in both Industrial and Interior Design, Mouangue was working in France with Renault designing cars when Nissan snatched him to work in Japan. Well, what self-respecting African doesn't have a little side project (or four) going on at any given moment? Mouangue's pet-project is whipping together this collection....I know, CRAZY! You can check out both his amazing car designs for Nissan and read more about the artist on Egodesign.ca

Photos from website and Egodesign


AphroChic said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I am struck by those amazing photos.

kelly jo said...

wow, this is soooooooooooo cool! give me moooooooooooooore!