Evora Legion d'Honneur

I love countries that hand out honorary recognition just for being good at what you do. In the UK, one has the chance to become a SIR or a DAME whereas in France you have the Legion d'Honneur. Back in 1802, Napolean decided to create an order based not on chivalry or nobility, but instead on pure, good-to-the-last-drop MERIT! While this is technically only for French nationals, the powers at be (French Presidents who are the Grand Masters) have bended the rule over time so the likes of Clint Eastwood, Quincy Jones, designer Valentino, and several Bollywood stars have made the cut and now so has Cape Verdean singing guru Cesária Évora!!!

I am honestly a little confused by the whole thing. Is getting a Legion d'Honneur the same as winning the Nobel Prize (if singing was even a category for this prize)? Do they get something other then a pretty ribbon? I guess it must be the ultimate resume-booster. Either way, three cheers to the mama of morna music!!

Anyway, you can check out the story right here.

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