Colgado de Ti

Last week, I was checking out AphroChic as I usually do and found the most gorgeous post about the Spanish jewelry design company Colgado de Ti. Now, in theory I LOVE jewelry (I've met very few women who don't). I've even gone to the extent of making some of my very own. But for some reason the minute I put a piece of jewelry on, it will inevitably find it's way off my body...especially if its heavy enough for me to notice. This has not stopped by from buying jewelry so I have pieces all over the place and these items from Colgado de Ti would add nicely to my collection and even better ON!

I emailed Carmen over at Colgado de Ti because I just had to know how to get my hands on one of these pieces and not only did she return my message super quickly, she uploaded her newest collection which is now available to all of you online through her website.

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Gem said...

Oh, I love the patterns uses.