Sneak Peak to the Other Side

In addition to wanting to be a writer, gardener, yoga instructor, writer, mother, landscape architect, world traveler, world-class chef, good-for-you food activist, and writer when I grow up, I think I most want to be a business owner aka entrepreneur. It's something I've been dreaming about for what seems like forever and sadly enough I'm still at the dreaming/talking- about-it stage rather then the being-about-it stage.

Since I'm still not at the being-about-it stage, I get my entrepreneurial fix by reading about. While bruising my nose against the 9-6 ceiling, I use these blogs to catch a glimmer of how breaking through to the other side looks, smells and feels like. I read these particular posts very slowing hoping that by keeping the pace slow, some of these creative entrepreneurs' courage will seep into me. So far it hasn't quite worked, but I still have my fingers crossed!

So here goes:

I just learned about Modish, but I think it's safe to say that it's one of my favorites. The Do What You Love series in their biz-tips category offers interviews with real live small business owners out there finding a way to do what they love and have the nerve to get paid for it.

Holly over at decor8 just finished a 10 week creativity series that was basically about how creative types get in their zone, stay there and offering advice to those of us who dream about getting into said zone. I'm seriously hoping that she keeps the series going as it's by far my favorite of hers throughout the week.

Another favorite is Aussie writer Natalie Walton over at Daily Imprint who asks the same 11 questions to each person she interviews. She finds all kinds creative types (writers, painters, store owners, ceramists, photographers, musicians, etc.) and basically gets a wonderful snap-shot about how they got to where they currently are. As a book lover, I also love that her last question is always about what books they are reading!
Finally there is a new Biz Ladies series over at Design*Sponge that I love. Due to these tough economic times, Grace has had to take her venture of uniting women in small, creative, business throughout the country online as part of her popular blog. I honestly don't know why she didn't do this before because it's brilliant! Each week, female entrepreneurs give each other the nitty gritty about all aspects of running a small business. From marketing, staying motivated, PR, etc...these women are kind enough to share their experiences with those of us sitting on the benches!

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