Botswana on U.S. TV

You would not believe the complete joy I experienced this afternoon when I did my daily check of Design*Sponge and saw this post about the new HBO series The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

Now, you can already guess what got me hooked: textiles!!!! I literally want the fabric for each and every single outfit Jill Scott wears. This is one of the very few instances where I which I had a T.V. because I would literally breathe in all the textiles from this set.

In addition to all the bright, beautifulness that is the colors on this set, I love the fact that there is actually an entire show, set in Africa (those kind HBO people literally brought all their equipment and the full 9 yds to Botswana to get this right), about Africans (the show is based on the fiction series by Alexander McCall Smith about a female detective in Botswana), the show focuses on the best face of the country and by extent the continent*. No war, starving babies, etc. here!

And just in case the pictures don't woe you completely....just check out this video about the music!!! The dance troupe at minute 7:43 is just out of control!! I know...I'm literally about to burst with excitement here!! Stuff like this is seriously dangerous for me, because I just want to run to the quickest website and buy a plane ticket back to anywhere Africa!

* I'm not going to get into the "of all the countries in Africa, Anthony Minghella couldn't find a single African woman to play the lead" line of thinking because this is Hollywood after all. In addition, I love Jill Scott and if you are going to get an American to play the role, this beautiful sister from the City of Brotherly Love will do just fine thank you very much!

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