Kuero and Novalima

You all remember how awesome that Buena Vista Social Club album was right?! Well I've been listening to a lot of Afro-Cuban beats this week, but the one group that has stuck with me is Kuero. I've been listening to them all week and I literally can't get enough. This is actually a Los Angeles-based group in which Cuban singer Carlos Parra fuses old song Cuban rhythms with a U.S. barrio sound. It's perfect music for a sunny summer day, sitting outside with a cold dring and watching the world go by. Click here to listen to samples of their album Calleson.

Another group that I just discovered that I love is Novalima. This group of four Peruvian friends from Lima explore Afro-Peruvian sounds in all formats on their albums. On their website, check out the gallery for some jammin videos! Just through the music - I'd love to explore the Afro-Latin heritage found in so many Latin American countries!

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Fly Brother said...

This song is SICK! LOVE the rhythm, LOVE the lyrics, LOVE the video!

"Busco Burro" had me rollin!

I'm looking for this album ya!