Stoned Cherrie - Summer/Spring 09-10

While the New York, Paris and Milan fashion shows are a highlight for most, I get particularly excited about the fashion shows that take place in South Africa each season. Kicking off the Summer/Spring 09/10 season is the Sanlam SA Fashion Week. They took place earlier this month and now that all the pictures are available, I'm like a kid in a candy store! Besides the fabulous clothing, I love the SA fashion cycle because it's in tune with my own seasons. Let's face it, after months and montsh of winter, how excited can one really be looking at fall and winter lines?!?! Honestly, by January I can even think about anything that isn't light and bright! I understand the reason behind the madness (in order to get orders in, manufactures and others in the fashion wheel turning) but the whole thing just throws me off.

Now, I've posted about Stoned Cherrie before (click here), and every time I see a new collection, I'm reminded of why I love this designer so much. While staying true to fun, flirty, modern clothing, there is always something in Nkhensani Nkosi's clothing that reminds her audience that this is an African designer. Whether in the ruffles or the belt, she always has something that makes her stand out from the crowd.

More of my favorite designs from this fashion show will be posted later this week. You can check out an cool interview with the designer right here.

Photos from ifashion

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