64 sq ft Kitchen

I can never get enough of a good story, one that transports you to a place you have never been before or makes you recall an experience in a whole new way. There are many ways to tell a story, through books, plays, poems and music but I especially love it when people tell stories through other mediums.

One exciting medium is through food! I love it when people share their personal stories through food. I recently came across a blog called 64 Sq Ft Kitchen by an Algerian woman called Warda. Honestly, her entries literally draw you into a whole new culinary world.

One of the exciting things about exploring a new culture is always the food. While nothing compares to the real deal (i.e. food actually in your mouth), Warda transports you to her kitchen and that of her mother and grandmother to bring you recipes from her homeland that just make your mouth water. For example this recipe by her grandmother for Yogurt Cake with oranges and dates which are abundant in Algeria literally swipes you away with the memory and how making this meal is a tiny connection she maintains with someone she clearly cares for. Her other entries in which she writes about Algerian food are just so touching and mouth watering!

Anywhere - I hope these pictures entice you to head over and see what I'm talking about. I wanted to test one of these recipes out for you all but I'm still hunting for some of these ingredients (my local farmer's market doesn't carry harissa for some silly reason) and let you know how something works out!

{All pics from 64 Sq Ft Kitchen}

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