Omar D.

Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Having Friday off was the best start ever and adding in my new bike, lots of much needed sleep, and plenty of time outside on my patio now blooming with petunias, dahlias, zinnias, spearmint and dill, I'll say it was a great weekend.

Anyway...let's kick off this week with some beautiful pictures by the talented Algerian photographer Omar D. His work "Devoir de mémoire/A Biography of Disappearance, Algeria 1992" a collection of photos on disappeared Algerians between 1992-2002 that brought him much deserved fame. Over 10,000 Algerians "disappeared" during this period at the hands of the state and Omar's work documents the life that they life behind, spaces where they disappeared from.

While this is the work most often spoken about in regards to this photographer, I particularly love these other images of his. They are beautiful while showing a simple side of Algerian life which he also continue to document.

What's your take on these pictures?

{All photos from AfriPhoto}


Fly Brother said...

Wow...these photos are vivid and poignant, imagining one of those people there one moment and "disappeared" the next.

I would love to visit Algeria.

Brandie said...

Yeah - the "disappeared" photos are really interesting and I would have shown them but considering it was a monday morning, I like to not start to week off on a sad note. These pictures were so vivid that showed another side of the photographers work that I thought this really worked.

Stay tuned for even more to entice you to visit Algeria! ;)