Tuesday's Design: East Coast Living

As you can probably guess, I am not referring to the east coast of the U.S. in my title. I am actually talking about the east coast of Africa. When it comes to dreaming of fantasy homes, this region of the continent (Lamu straight down to Mozambique) definitely has me drawn in.

While I am generally all about color, I still have a strong "keep in simple" and comfortable philosophy when it comes to decorating. I am loving this neutral home in coastal Kenya {Bembea House}. The modern clean lines of the chairs in the living room look great underneath the traditional (not to mention super heavy) chandelier. The windows in this spacious eat in kitchen definitely add the arabic flair you find in East African architecture and you know I love the powder blue fridge! I also love that so much of the space remains open. And need I even mention the awesome wooden beams on the ceiling?!

Now this is what I call a lounge! I can imagine just sitting here on a nice even with a glass of whiskey, listening to the oceans, enjoying the breeze and just chillin with friends.

I still get a little sadden that I never spent as much time on this coast as I would have wanted. I totally need to find a living that allows me to live in a place like this for at least 6 months out of the year (although my fantasy would be more on the mainland and more in-country as I want to have a garden and sand as your primary soil is just buzz kill). I can visit the U.S. during the rainy season!

{Photos of Bembea House from here}


Fly Brother said...

That lounge is off the hook. Do you know the name of it or a website? I'm inspired to come up with a 2-hour fantasy playlist.

Angela said...

Love your blog.

Brandie said...

Hey there - thanks for reminding me, I've updated the post. The images are of Bembea House and I've included links in the post.