Art Gallery: Jorge Gumbe

It isn't often that I am intrigued by things that remind me of children (not that I don't like little kiddies....just haven't crossed that life-bridge yet), but the work of Jorge Gumbe definitely grabbed my attention.

This Angolan painter has studied in Luanda, Havana, Stockholm and even earned a PhD in London but sticks as close to his home country as possible.

I love the youthful element of his work. This is the find of stuff that would be quite creative in a children's book. His work focuses a lot on symbolism and mythology of the earth and sea.

This last one is my favorite. It's like a night circus where the everyone seems really into it. You can even see the movement in the bodies of the audience!

What's your take?

{Photos from Espaco Loios, ArtAfrica, and Às Vezes (Des)Organizo}

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