Jean Depara

Depara getting a little smooch action

I absolutely love vintage photography so you know I love Angolan photographer Jean Depara. Born in 1928, Depara picked up his first camera at the age of 22 for his wedding day and basically never put it down!


One year after his wedding, Depara moved to Kinshasa where he would take most of his work. These pictures are unbelievable. They provide such an incredible look at a city and country at an interesting phase in it's history. Contrary to the "dark" country that is so often portrayed in literature, this version of DRC is hip, lively, and clearly the place to be!

During the 1950s, Depara spent his time at his Jean Whiskey Studio and frequented all the social bars and clubs throughout the city, capturing the stars of the time. Musicians and other artists would hire Depara to be part of their entourage and capture them in their glory before flaming out.

Can you hear the beat?!? I totally want to step to whatever they are grooving to!

Seriously, this is the funniest thing ever! NO ONE can tell his guy he isn't the bomb!

So any favorites for you?

{Photos from the Pigozzi Collection}

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Oh that first one is so beautiful and I also love the energy of the fourth one. His work is amazing!