Mikheal Subotzky

Overcrowded Prison Cells

Magnum Photos is the agency to work for as a photography. You really only get the best of the best from this place. I was cruising their website and learned that South African photography Mikheal Subotzky is one of their newest nominees to join the Magnum fold, and from his body of work, you can see why this young man was chosen.


He spent over 5 years documenting the lives of prisoners and ex-prisoners in South Africa and the result, as you can see here, is truly remarkable. I love the fact that he has focused his attention telling their story, because I think it's very easy to forget that just because someone is in prison, it does not mean that they are in the ground.


I absolutely love this last picture and how these prisoners painted this space around them. If you only get a very limited amount of time outside per day, this is a great way to escape the reality of your prison cell!

You can visit the Magnum site for more of Subotzky's work and read a nice interview right here.

{Photos from ImagesBy}

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