Speedracer...Angola Style

I get such a thrill finding unexpected things and honestly, I was not expecting an entire world of car racing in Angola. Before it's independence and all hell breaking loose (civil war), Angola was a hot spot for car rallies!

I find this so fascinating on so many levels!
  • At one point in Angolan history, the powers that be had soo much cash floating about, there was actually spare to build paved race tracks!
  • Somewhere out there in the world, there is some guy for whom events like this, in Africa, were a part of their normal childhood experience.
  • In most of these pics (and there are over 100 more where these came from), it is quite clear that Angolans of the dark and lovely variety were not the ones behind the wheels or even in the audience. One can only wonder what history would look like had they been able to participate...

Car racing in Angola could not survive independence and civil war. Since the war ended, Angolans have justly been focusing their attention on other matters such as rebuilding a nation, creating jobs, etc., so car rallies continue to remain part of the past.

Maybe Angola will have such pastimes as car racing again, maybe one in which all Angolans can participate in...

In the main time, click here to enjoy more vintage photos of Angola in Fast and Furious mode! You can also find out more about the wide wide world of present-day African car racing over at the African Rally Championship site.

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