Surfing in Liberia

A few months ago, I randomly came across several articles about surfing in South Africa and the various organizations that are helping black South Africans get into the sport instead of joining gangs. Non-profits like Mahala Surf Co. gets used boards and wetsuits into community run surfing schools to help underprivileged kids.

I remember thinking that the idea fabulous and wishing there were more resources like this for kids in other African countries with coastlines. I know from experience that the waves in Liberia are crazy big and have heard stories of expats who would go surfing (pre-civil war) in Buchanan and other beaches. If expats can surf in Liberia, why can't Liberians?!?! I know, I know...that whole recovering from war bit....but still!

Well it turns out that I was not the only one thinking about this! Back when the fighting was still going on, a Liberian (Alfred Lomax) grabbed a bodyboard instead of his daily looting and that's where it all began. He has since brushed up his surfing skills with a surfboard and even has the requisite entourage of surfing friends. There are already surfing "resorts" - check out Surf Liberia and Robertsport Surf Camp where Alfred teaches surfing. While Liberia still has years of rebuilding ahead of it, I think it is so encouraging that not only are surfers from Brazil, Australia, and the U.S. making the journey to this non-touristy destination to check out the waves, but that Liberians also get to take part in the fun!!!

You can click the image above to see a trailer of the documentary about surfing in Liberia and you can also read more through the Sliding Liberia website. Click here and here to read more about Alfred and surfing in Liberia

View of a sunset in Liberia

{Photos from Sliding Liberia and BBC News}


Style Noir said...

When I went to Robertsport in March, I met Alfred's brother-- just before he started his wave riding for the day! Very cool kid. Very cool.

I'll post photos soon!

I actually brought my board to Liberia in hopes of putting my fledging skills to the test. I did. I've got a lot to learn~

I "discovered" Sliding Liberia last year, an hour before my first surf lesson. Crazy...

Brandie said...

Wow that's awesome! Where did you learn to surf? It seems like something really cool that I'd like to learn although I'm not sure how many waves I'll catch on the Potomac river :/...

I can't wait to see more of your pics!