Tuesday's Design: The Sanctuary At Ol Lentille

I know it may be hard to believe how much I love this space after seeing the bright boldness of my entryway, but I really do love this space!

The Sanctuary At Ol Lentille in Kenya (just north of Mt. Kenya) is my favorite type of vacation space. There are 5 guest houses that you can rent and the come with the full nine yards: car, chef, not to mention fab designs. Just having the chef alone is perfect for me. When I was in Zanzibar, a friend and I stayed at this super cool little rental and having someone cook just for you is really unbelievable (and I swear the food tastes better when the whole place is at a ridiculously low off-season rate)!

The owners of The Sanctuary At Ol Lentille work in partnership with the local community in not only making the business a success, but incorporating environmentally sound practices and conservation definitely add to the appeal of staying here.

This is exactly the kind of space for taking a very relaxing vacation...or maybe I can just have this for my bedroom instead?!?

And seriously, is there any other way to wake up other than with a view like this?!?

{Photos from Spendia and The Sanctuary At Ol Lentille}

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This is my kind of place too. You'll have to give me the name of the place in Zanzibar for when I finally get there. And I will get there someday soon. :)