Royal Hut

The art form of batiks may have it's origins in the Far East, but it is so associated with Africa that I nearly find it hard to believe that it wasn't always there. Batiks hanging on my walls, depicting scenes of village life, remind me of so many market trips in Uganda, Kenya, and Mozambique not to even touch upon their popularity throughout West Africa.

I discovered Royal Hut over at Pattern & Texture by Essence and as soon as I hit their site I knew I needed to share their amazing collections with you. Here are a few things I love about this company:

1) They focus on adding a little bit of Africa to luxury home goods so your high-end Egyptian cottons get a further boost with a little dash of African batik design.

2) They work directly with African artisans throughout West Africa. I'm not talking about your big manufacturer in the city, but rather your local mama who laboriously hand prints and dyes each fabric.

3) It doesn't feel over the top. I know I have a psycho love for color and patterns and the whole throw everything together approach, but I find myself really being drawn to just plain white linens. The dash of African textile adds a little uniqueness without distracting from the simplicity that I like.

{Photos from Royal Hut}


3pieceonline said...

I love these textiles. I am going to check out their website.


Thanks for the tip - I'm going to go check it out now.