While I have known for a while that setting a table was an important aspect of hosting people, whether for a simple dinner or wedding, it has only recently come to my attention that setting a table is a whole artform and serious industry! Since I entered the blogoshere, I've been amazed at some of the beautiful tabletop setting on blogs like coco + kelley or {frolic!} and the amount of thought and detail that goes into this. There are even competitions for readers to make tabletop ideas! Oh how little I knew! I'm almost glad that I was ignorant of this entire tabletop world when I first moved into my apartment and was trying to decide on plates and silverware, it would have made my process of deciding a 100 times harder!

Anyway, yesterday I had a few friends over for dinner and I had to use was I have at my disposal to make it lovely! My Moroccan inspired plates worked well over this Tanzanian kanga that I have in my mini fabric collection. A few red carnations were thrown into 2 of my glass carafes that I got at my favorite vintage store. Candles were also added (after this photo was taken) along with tons of good food, beer, and great conversation that lasted until past 1am this morning!

I've thrown a few of these since the summer began and I definitely need to expand my plate collection! Luckily my favorite vintage store has several shelves of tableware for about $1 each so I'm looking forward to doing some nice match-ups.

For those of you who are so inspired and have not yet entered, you can create your own table and have a chance to wins prizes over at AphroChic so head over, here for the guidelines for the giveaway and to check out some amazing submissions, including a Safari Rhythm one that I'm loving!

Regular Art post coming up a little later!



This is so pretty - love all the patterns. And it sounds like you had a great time.

Brandie said...

It was a lot of fun! I have so many fun patterns in my fabric collection and this got me thinking of how fun it is to play with them in a creative way like this.