Iraq Trip: The View Up Top

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick hello from Iraq. I have finally attached a few photos of my time here. When I first arrived I got the chance to make a little trip to the north of the country close to the Turkish and Iranian borders (about an hour from each country) and these pictures reflect a little bit of the scenery that I saw.

The journey started with me strapping on my first bullet-proof vest. One was found that weighed less than the 1000-ton version that military and bigger dudes usually wear, but sitting in the vehicle, it still felt like I had a mega-child clinging to my chest. Decked out in my protective gear, I was fit to hit the road and as we climbed further into the mountains, the view became even more incredible. It was like the Grand Canyon but not so grand and not so red but still very beautiful and totally unexpected. After the flat, psycho dry heat of Erbil, I was relieved to get views like this. The temperature also cooled off (if you call 99 F degrees cool) as we climbed higher and higher into the mountains.

My first hint of my final destination was this mega ferris wheel! I know...a total surprise and not what one would expect in Iraq. But yes, this "luxury" (me and the owner still have different ideas on what is considered luxury) resort included ferris wheel, bumper cars, roller coaster and more. While work definitely kept me busy the entire time I was up there, I did manage to sneak in a few rides! :)
More pictures coming up tomorrow....
{Photos by me}


Liz said...

Lol, that ferris wheel is crazy! What an exciting trip- Iraq! Loving the updates.

3pieceonline said...

It looks hot however the Ferris Wheel almost looks like a mirage.