Tuesday's Design: Issue 64

So I know that it's wrong in so many zen-like ways to covet material things, but I can honestly say that I reeeeeaaaallllllyy want this copy of Elle Decoration South Africa. This is a feeling that comes around with every new issue but I've definitely been feeling this way a lot. The sad part is, a friend of mine who is based in Cape Town is in town and like the complete idiot that I am, I totally forgot to ask him to pick up a copy of this on his way out of South Africa. I know....unbelievable!

My praise for the magazine will probably be lot higher once I get my little hands on this, instead of just the blog. But for now, the blog will have to suffice. Needless to say, I just love that it showcases interior design stuff that's actually happening in South Africa. I wish there was one that reflected other homes and spaces throughout the continent....but I'll take this as a starting point. :)

{Photos from Elle Decoration SA}

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