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You may have heard the news recently, but many publi
shing companies are struggling! Due to the downturn, magazines have been put to the shredder or forced to completely rethink how they are structured and get their content out to the masses. In spite of my love for the in your hand while you lounge on the couch magazine experience, for me, being able to access magazines digitally is becoming more and more important.

One such digital magazine that I have recently discovered is South Africa-based CHEW Magazine. It's great on many levels, but what really gets in is the fact that it is done by regular talented folks like you. So here's how it works: you, oh wonderful creative type you, comes up with a story idea, puts it together and sends it off to the editors at CHEW who review it along with all the other contributions coming from around the world and put the magazine together. You get great exposure for your talents, and we get a great magazine to read. How "simple" is that?!? (Simple being relative considering how many submissions these folks must get on a regular basis.

The magazine is broken up into three sections:
You get to select what type of story your are going to submit into which category. Don't you just love how interactive it all is!?!

The magazine came out in the beginning of the year and is constantly making improvements. For example, the most recent issue allows you to click on a story to get linked directly to the contributor. As the images below show, their editorials are really awesome. There are so many folks out there doing amazing stuff and struggling to get recognized so this is a fabulous forum for it. Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE?? I know, extra fab! So head on over to CHEW Magazine to see even more...

{Photos: Chew Magazine}

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