Through the Lens: Mostafa Moftah

Good Monday!

So how was your weekend?? I don't know about your, but mine certainly went by too quickly! Before I could think straight, Monday is already here!

The good thing about Monday is the pleasure of beautiful photography to ease me into the next 5 days. This week, Egyptian photographer Mostafa Moftah totally has me wrapped around his little lens! Whether shooting in India, London, or his home country, Moftah knows how to capture the very essence of his subjects. While, I am particularly bias to his portrait shots, his nature shots will also leave you breathless.

This is one of my favorite shots! Totally reminds me of a René Magritte painting with a bowler hat! So what is your favorite shot??


Mostafa Moftah said...

Thanks Brandie :)

Martha Albuquerque said...

Marvellous as always! I am a big fan of Mostafa Moftah.. Glad to see some of his work here. Brilliant artist with his golden touch and the ability to transform simple things in pieces of art~

Martha Albuquerque