Beloved Beadwork

Do you like bead work? Well I have loved beads for a long time. I remember back in grad. school I would sit on the floor of my apartment and just put pieces together and would get completely absorbed in the task and then remember I had other things (i.e. studying) to do. When I moved to East Africa (round one), a lot of my beading stopped but I continued to at least collect beads. Now I have a small bundle and just need to get my head back into the game!

As you might guess, I was quite happy when Anna of Beloved Beadwork in South Africa emailed me about her shop! As you can see from these images, they make some lovely pieces, I'm especially loving the colorful group of bracelets. It's still a relatively new company (started in May of this year), but I get the strong suspicion that they are going to be major! You can see more of their work, here.

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