Flickr Finds Africa: Week 11.30.09

I honestly feel like a broken record when I tell you how much I'm in awe by the wonderful photography I see on Flickr and this week is no exception. Today on Flickr Finds Africa, we're going to travel to Niger with Italian photographer Alessandro Vannucci.

Seriously, this shot is MAJOR...the stern look on the man with the crooked glasses is priceless!

Can you even begin to imagine what it must be like gathering firewood...IN THE DESERT?!?

A grown woman wonderfully captured in the body of a small child

The sand reminds me a gold dust scattered across his face....just stunning!

In addition to this set on Niger, Alessandro Vannucci also has some wonderful sets on Namibia and Algeria along with great shots in other parts of the world.

Stay tuned for Through the Lens!

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