Snapping Away

Good Monday!

How was your weekend?? I had a great time this weekend. I went down to Chapel Hill, N.C. to hang out with a friend who is about to drop a sprog so this was the last hurray before the full motherhood business comes into effect for her. I got to hang out with her as well as another friend I hadn't seen in over 4 years. One of the highlights of the weekend was a pre-game (UNC v. Duke) concert by The Gravy Boys. The weather was absolutely perfect and for 3 hours we just sat and listened to this amazing group play "Acoustic Americana" songs (lots of bluegrass, country, and covers of the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash). I had taken both my Nikon and my polaroid so I found myself snapping away the entire time. It got to the point where this lady actually asked if I was a professional photographer (insert wild laughter here)! I am really looking forward to seeing how the pictures turn out later this week!

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A Spark of Me said...

I knew something felt weird this weekend!! I was in Raleigh and Greensboro this weekend! That's crazy we were so close! :)