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During the very few days of the year that I actually watch cable t.v. (usually when I visit my sister since I don't have cable in my apt.), one of the shows I love to watch is What Not to Wear. Well, I was recently contacted by Bella Naija about Season 3 of the show Style ME - basically this is the Nigerian response to What Not to Wear. I was really excited to hear about such a show because West Africans, and Nigerians in particular, are some major fashionistas! I remember a few months ago, I went to a Liberian event in D.C. and it was basically ridiculous. I saw so many women decked out in fabulous wax prints skirts and dresses all in very modern designs. Of course when I asked where they had gotten their outfits, they all said that they had had their tailor make it for them in Monrovia. This idea of having a tailor of one's own is a no brainer in West Africa and is made even better by the huge array of wax prints available (remember West Africa is Vlisco stronghold).

In looking over the information about the show, I find myself continually looking at the style of the host, Isioma Onochia Aihie (far right in the above picture). This blue dress is just stunning and sooo something that I would wear (if I had a personal tailor to whip it up for me of course)! In other stills from Season 2, Aihie seems to be consistent in coming out with loving dresses and skirts that make me drool! I'll definitely be checking out future episodes to see what she is rocking!

To learn more about the show and watch a sample, click here.

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