Dawn Okoro

I recently received an email from Dawn Okoro about some new paintings that she has available and it was then that I realized that as much as I love her work, I had not written about her work here! I know, total shame on me. This African-American/Nigerian artist grew up in Texas but has recently moved to the Big Apple which I think is a perfect place to further fuel her fashion-inspired art.

The first painting is what originally drew me to her artwork and led me to get in touch with her and it continues to be my absolute favorite piece by her. There is just so much beautiful, confidence and overall "I know I'm the bomb" attitude coming from through those eyes that it's impossible not to be captivated.

Check out her store to find more about available paintings and prints that are currently available.


Mawuse said...

Love this art and love this blog! Will definitely be checking back soon.

Brandie said...

Glad you enjoyed the post and welcome to the blog!


These paintings are beautiful. I really liked the work in the last post too. You always find the best artists! Very inspiring.

Azara said...

I love it Brandie... My gosh why are they so expensive!!!