Through the Lens: Samuel Fosso

Today's Through the Lens focuses on Cameroonian photographer Samuel Fosso. You know those weird kookish little things you do just for fun and then get sorta embarrassed when someone else finds out about them? Well Mr. Fosso's little quirk has led him to become one of the top famous photographers coming out of Africa. While working as an assistant in a portrait studio, Mr. Fosso would set up a full stage and use himself as the main star in a full interpretation of whatever was going on in his head at the time...imitating people from all walks of life and using anything he could find as props. The result are photographs that show such an artistic side of photography (dare I say fashion photography). Considering all the weird, over-the-top fashion editorials I've seen over the years, I think Mr. Fosso's is right up there with the best of them!

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