Flickr Finds Africa: Week 02.08.10

I usually post at least 3 pictures from a photographer for Flickr Finds Africa but this image is so amazing that I couldn't bare the idea of you being distracted by any other picture (the rest of the photostream is amazing so you definitely should look)! This image of a man in Swaziland was taken by the music group Sigor-Ros while they visiting the country on behalf of UNICEF.

Let's briefly talk about how awesome this picture really is. First you have the obvious contrast of the snow white beard against the dark skin which is absolutely beautiful. But then, when you look closer, what is really amazing is the soft blue rim around the black pupil of his eyes! It's so discreet yet I find it really powerful!

{Photo: Sigur-Ros}

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Fly Brother said...

Wow...that is a pretty impressive photograph.