It's a Wrap

For those of you who missed something here this week (or are just new to the blog), here is a summary of what was going on in my blogging head this week. Flickr Finds Africa on Monday was all about some lovely flora from Tanzania followed by the coolest ethereal photos by Craig Hunter Parker on Through the Lens. Tuesday started off with a little Morning Inspiration and the tulips have kept me inspired all week (as you can see from this image). CaƱon Roadhouse took the lead on Tuesday's Design and I was even able to squeeze in the lovely bathroom that would be awesome to send some time in! I am so in love with the new Suno collection and I found yet another awesome tee company in Bernos. One of my aha moments this week was definitely discovering Art Scene's Black Art which was the equivalent of hazelnut gelato to me eyes! Samite provide the Sounds of Africa earlier this morning which, a few hours later, still has me gently swaying to the beat!

As usual, there were so many things coming at me this week that I just fell in love with. Here are just a few things that I just have to share with you:

  • James VanDerZee (1886 - 1983) - There are few things that can compare to awesome vintage photography and in this case it is especially difficult because this African-American photographer has some breathtaking pictures. His work just totally reminds me that I have yet to scratch the surface of beautiful photography.
  • For those looking for a good read, I really can't recommend "How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America" in The Atlantic highly enough. I was literally floored by this piece which for the first time in a very long time had me feeling that being a sociology major in undergrad wasn't the silliest thing after all!
  • After reading that article, you will definitely need something a little lighter so heading over to Ghee Happy would clearly be the best thing ever. This brand by Sanjay Patel is all about showing Indian mythology and culture through amazing design and fun storytelling. I've always wanted to learn about about the various Indian gods and why not do so through fun pictures?!? The newest book Ramayana was just released this month and it looks like something both adults and kids alike can enjoy.

With plans of hanging out with friends in NYC snowed away, I am foreseeing a nice calm weekend at home. Maybe a quick trip to the wharf, catching up with the pile of magazines that are begging to be read... What are you up to this weekend?

:: Have a great weekend ::

{Photos: Brandie}

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