Orleans Designs

I love wax-prints as much as the next woman but to be honest, "wax" anything doesn't quite conjure up a "feels great against the skin" image in my mind. In walks Hazel Aggrey-Orleans of Orleans Designs who I discovered through her interview on HauTe. Orleans Designs takes your normal stunning wax prints, but using silk, turns the beautiful colors and patterns into fun dresses and move along with you and will surely keep you looking and feeling refreshed this summer!

Orleans was born in Germany but grew up in Nigeria before returning to Europe. She worked in the financial sector for a ton of years before unleashing her inner designer and coming out with this amazing debut collection. You can check out more of her collection here and her online store will be opening next month so you can easily get the goods!

In addition to the stunning clothes, I also love this scarf which also works as a fun belt.
{Photos: Orleans Designs}

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