Whether you refer to it as SnOMG or Snowmageddon or even Snowpocalypse the snow storm that hit DC this weekened left me having a very interesting and fun weekend. The weekend started quite early on Friday when my office closed early (in line with federal government) and to my utter surprise, my weekend continues today as my office remains closed.

In addition to painting my living room a stunning new (and last) color - Benjamin Moore Slate Teal - it was great to get outside go for a walk right after the snow had stopped and get to see the city in all it's snowy glory. My little walk eventually led to a neighborhood bar for drinks with a friend and then a long saga of mishaps starting with his coat being 'borrowed' by a drunken bar attendee (same coat with his keys home). There was also a great run (as 'great' as running on a treadmill can ever get), digging my car out of inches and inches of snow, and a wonderful nap squeezed into the mix.

Having lived in places like Boston, the complete inability of my current city to handle snow is more than just a little amusing (granted I'm in the deep south and there isn't a normal history of having received this much snow). That said, I'm still enjoying the benefits of another snow day!

Anywho, let's get on the the order of photography fun...

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Fly Brother said...

I will now stop complaining about the 50-degree temperatures in Florida.