Art Scene: Yvonne Muinde

I love a "behind the scenes" look at any piece of art. Whether it's a T.V. show, song, or painting, I love hearing about that transition from a mere concept to something bold and beautiful right before my eyes (or ears). As if the work of Kenyan artist Yvonne Muinde wasn't great in and of itself, the fact that she gives you light glimpses into the stories behind her paintings makes them all the more intriguing. One piece can be about thoughts on the elections in her home country, while another can be a consideration of the role of government in society. One piece that really stood out is based on Muinde contemplating what art history would be like if some of it's main subjects were black. Can you imagine Renior's Two Sisters with black or even Native Americans as the subject? To get the full story behind any of these pieces and many more, definitely check out her website.

{Photos: Yvonne Muinde}

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