Flickr Finds Africa: Week 03.01.10

Along with having a major need for spring, I've been having a serious case of the "I miss nature" blues recently and the work by Namibia-based photographer Ramin Hossaini makes my craving for nature just that much stronger. When I came across his photostream I immediately knew that his work would have to be shared with you. Zambia is on the long list of places on the continent I'd love to visit and these images confirm exactly why this place is on such a list.

Hossaini's entire collection - featuring Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and more - is filled with so much emotion - usually a haunting feeling - that you are completely drawn in. His surrealistic and abstract pieces are really cool (and I'm not usually that into either genre). You can check out more images by this talented photographer right here.

{Photos: Ramin Hossaini}

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