It's a Wrap

Yay - the weekend is here! I can't explain how excites I am as I head to NYC!! You would think it was my first time in the city rather than a place I'm so familiar with, but it's been such a long time since my last visit that every cell in me is vibrating with anticipation.

Just in case you missed anything throughout this week there were goodies left and right starting with Flickr Finds Africa photographer Ramin Hossaini (who also took this image here) and Through the Lens with Janine Joles. My blog birthday was on Tuesday and I still can't believe I've been doing this for 2-years! Tuesday's Design focused on Ndebele Houses which are so colorful and vibrant it puts me to shame and this beautiful textile from Tunisia has my name written all over it. Wednesday kicked off with a little fashion inspiration followed by a frangipani tale. Yvonne Muinde's work was featured on Art Scene on Thursday and paved the way for a ridiculously awesome interview with photographer John Kenny on Let's Talk. Finally the Noisettes provided the soundtrack for this weekend on Sounds of Africa.

As usual, there was just some much vying for my attention throughout this week but the following really stood out:
  • I learned about the American artist Charles Burchfield whose work is just beyond amazing. I'm really hoping to catch some of his pieces in person some time this weekend.
  • For those of you who don't believe sharing is caring when it comes to your books, this Design*Sponge post is just for you.
  • Congrats to E. over at Fly Brother who officially moves to Brazil tomorrow and I'm sending him so many good vibes! I can't wait to continue reading about his adventures.
Anywho that's a wrap for this week....

:: Have a great weekend ::

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