Sounds of Africa: Laura Izibor

What do you get when you mix a little bit of Nigeria with Ireland, throw in a whole bunch of soul and a healthy helping of natural talent? Laura Izibor of course! In the past decade, while I was jumping back and forth between grad school, living in Africa, and working in the U.S., this 22 year old has been honing her talent, making sure all her ducks where in a roll for when the time came for her little light to shine and boy-oh-boy is it a-blazing these days!! Often compared with the likes of Joss Stone or Alicia Keyes, Laura stands her very own ground in an ocean of talented musicians.
While I usually love to celebrate the arrival of the weekend with an upbeat number, since it's gray and dreary, I need to take the tempo down a bit while still maintaining the high skill level so I'll head out this week with one of my favorite songs in acoustic....

{Photos: ubiquitous-ly}

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