Through the Lens: Bit by Bit

As someone who loves history, I think the act of documenting the past is extremely important. Whether in terms of writing or art, taking note of what has passed is a crucial way of remembering and often times, of healing. These photographs taken by Tim Hetherington of Liberia in 2003 while living among rebel groups, plays that role of documenting a critical period in the history of the country. In addition to these images, Hetherington has also written a book, Long Story Bit by Bit: Liberia Retold, which highlights the various dynamics of power and the tragedy (and triumphs) that power can yield. You can see more images of Liberia on Hetherington's website as well as a great body of other works (the sleeping soldiers is also impressive).

All of these pictures are stunning, but seriously the one with the spoon in the belt loop is priceless!

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