Tuesday's Design: Ndebele houses

In general, I consider my interior/overall style to be very vibrant and colorful. Whether it's blues, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, greens, or purples, I'm all about a bold color. Throw in just about any kind of pattern from the Middle East, Latin America and Africa and you have my house pretty much summed up. Yet I was recently flipping through my African Interiors book and was reminded of these Ndebele homes and just looking at them made me feel slightly vanilla. To think that these colors and patterns all have various meanings written mostly from women to men makes it all the more intriguing. Is your taste anything to this level? Could you imagine living in an entire community of homes like this?

The whole thing makes me want to just be a little bolder!


niki.mac said...

WoW! The colors and geometrics remind me of Mondrian... very cool!

urbancasita said...