Tuesday's Design: Saint Verde

It's no secret that one has to keep an eye out for Neville Trickett. His blog, Saint Verde Digest, always filled with all things fun and intriguing. Two things you may not necessarily see from his blog include:
  1. his good taste can also be found in his home outside of Durban as you can see from these images (yes, the two chairs on the back porch have my name written all over it). The whole farmhouse just oozes cozy comfort...my two favorite words when it comes to interiors. I can't even discuss how much I love all the tile and stone work on the floors!
  2. he has a wicked collection of African textiles....oh and we know how much Brandie loves textiles!

{Photos: Frank Features}


Cupcake Couture said...

Neville really is an inspiration. Great post and good choice on the photos. I really enjoy your blog - keep up the posts!

Brandie said...

Thanks! Neville's work really is amazing ad so is his home