Flickr Finds Africa: Week 04.12.10

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Did you get to relax? This weekend definitely didn't fit into any definition of "relaxing" for me - 10 hours on the highway being the epitome of killjoy. But I still managed to squeeze in a few highlights including spending a day with my mom, loading up on a few needed items for summer from the nearby outlets, and finally getting around to some spring cleaning of my closet. Four bags of clothes for donation later, I finally have a clear view of everything I have for this weather without being distracted by clothes that either don't fit me and/or aren't as cute as I once thought they were.

Another great thing that happened this weekend was the discovery of today's Flickr Finds Africa photographer Ale Ramirez. Digging through Flickr is always a great Sunday treat especially when I get to see amazing pictures by photographers like Ramirez. The first of these images taken in Nigeria, drew my attention because I loved the way Ramirez was able to capture the smokey atmosphere and how the colors of the lapa stand out against the other neutral colors in the picture. As I continued looking through her photostream, I was just amazed at the wide collection of beautiful photography in addition to her set from Nigeria. The young boy with the crab also grabbed my attention as did the last shot of the kids taken from a unique perspective.

{Photos: Ale Ramirez}

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