Flickr Finds Africa: Week 04.26.10

Over the last few weeks, I've been noticing so many quite beauties of my current host city of Washington, D.C. I'll be walking on a path I regularly take and see some that never caught my attention and be shocked by how beautiful it is. Does that ever happen to you? How with time, the right light or angle, suddenly something you've taken for granted seems so unique and stunning?

Well for today's Flickr Finds Africa, I wanted to show you three African cities (Lagos, Maputo, and Cape Town) in ways that you may not usual think is beautiful, but I believe all of these photographers have been able to capture something amazing.

The first image of the "pothole" is one of my very favorites. It clearly takes the idea of a pothole to a whole new level, yet this man in his suit doing the hop-skip dance in Lagos to avoid getting wet is captured so beautiful it gives me nostalgia.

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