Through the Lens: Zarina Bhimji

I always find it so interesting to hear about the creative process of an artist and what aspects of themselves they bring to their work. Uganda photographer Zarina Bhimji's work reflects her personal history of being exiled from the country (along with thousands of other Ugandan of Indian descent) during the Idi Amin years and the emotions and things that are left behind. Decades later, Bhimji returned to Uganda and these are some of the images that she took. I love these spaces literally feel like they were abandoned years ago and are stuck in that period. I guess that happens when nothing is done to restore these spaces as is oh so common throughout many cities and countries throughout the continent. Also notice the titles of her pieces including some of my favorites: "Memories were trapped inside the asphalt," "Your sadness is drunk," "This unhinged her," and "Hollowing like Dogs, I Swallowed Solid Air." It's like short poetry and I can just imagine the emotions that one must have felt at traveling back to these spaces that you grew up in. Definitely check out Bhimji's website for more of her beautiful photography.

{Photos: Zarina Bhimji}

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