Jewel by Lisa

While prepping this post, I went back digging around for a past post that I had done on the Nigerian company Jewel by Lisa (i.e. Lisa Folawiyo) and to my own shock and horror, I realized that no such past post existed!! How did it happen that I've been admiring the work of this designer season after season and it's not up on my little blog that could?!? Well, needless to say, the time has come to change that oversight and there is no better way to do so than Lisa's 2010 Autumn/Winter collection which was presented during Paris Fashion week. This is by far my favorite collection of her work...

Just how hot is this little skirt??

(hello, pretty wax print upholstered chair, I see you too!!)

I'm loving the dress and the belt may as well just jump in my closet already!

Are any of these calling your name? Check out more of this collection and also see the wonderful progression of this designer over the past three years on her site.

{Photos: Jewel by Lisa}


Ali la Loca said...

Love the styles...but I'm tripping over those green pants. What woman would want 'poufs' in that exact spot on the hips????

Brandie said...

haha - i totally agree. Maybe if one is uber skinny such pants would be great, but maybe not even then. :)


oh, how I heart Ankara fabric.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.